We all know live music is awesome. Nothing beats the sound system pumping in your chest, the like-minded strangers you meet in line, or the thrill of discovering a new artist. So why do we stay home watching Netflix or go to the same mediocre bar instead of seeing more shows?

At Disko, we understand going out isn’t always easy. You need to keep track of which artists are coming into town, which new venues to check out, and how to balance the costs with all the other cool things you want to do. Disko fixes these problems. We get you into a personalized mix of concerts for a low monthly fee.

There’s no more need to spend your night binging old episodes of The Office or avoiding catcalls from the same guys at your local sports bar. Now you can always experience the best events in your city for a price you can afford.

Linda Wei Co-Founder & CEO

Like every good Asian kid, I started out in front of a piano at age 5. After a failed stint as a violist in the third grade and a brief, squeaky affair with the clarinet, I fell in love with the saxophone. This lifelong passion saw me through a dual degree program at Harvard and New England Conservatory, where I studied classical saxophone performance.

After graduating, I stayed true to my love for the arts and entertainment through my work at Disney, where I helped orchestrate the acquisition of 21st Century Fox with the corporate strategy & business development team. More recently, I worked in Red Bull’s strategy group on various entertainment and Ecommerce-related initiatives.

Max Stern Co-Founder & COO

From the moment I picked up a flute as an 8 year old kid there was no turning back. My whole life I performed in jazz, ska, funk and classical music groups. I obsessed over new artists with my blog as a teenager, interviewing undiscovered acts like The Chainsmokers and Louis The Child. In recent years I've stayed passionate about music, working on management for internationally charting artists like Hermitude and Bag Raiders, and running press campaigns for companies like Atlantic Records and Ultra Music.

Coltrane Nadler Co-Founder & CTO

In the midst of an existential crisis- the one most young adults go through after realizing childhood doesn’t last forever- I had a moment of clarity. I was doing the macarena on the stage of a Brooklyn nightclub next to Thomas Pentz, Jaan Umru Rothernberg, and David Burd while Magnus August Høiberg blasted New Freezer by Rich the Kid from his CDJ’s. And I realized, in that moment, that everything would be ok… because I had music, and more moments ahead of me like that one- thanks to music.